One of the most amazing seasons to visit us.
Greenery, adventure and incredible landscapes await you.


Summer is one of the best times to visit Ushuaia. The days are long and allow us to do several activities in the same day.
It is also the time when the penguins arrive and stay until March. We will be able to watch them on boats or walk with them on Martillo Island.
We will also have the opportunity to get to Puerto Almanza, a fishing village 1.30 hours from Ushuaia where you can fish for king mackerel and enjoy this natural and fresh delicacy.
For trekking lovers, Susana Peak trek will take us to the top of Mount Susana to have a 360 degree view of the Beagle Channel, the city of Ushuaia and the National Park. Laguna Esmeralda will amaze visitors with its unique color and the trekking to Laguna de los Témpanos will allow us to reach the base of the Vinciguerra glacier.




13º MAX – 5º MIN




National Park, End of the World Train, Trekking, Sailing, Walking with penguins, are some of the many experiences you can do in Ushuaia during the summer.

Navigation: Sea Lions, Birds and Lighthouse

Disfrutaremos de una relajante navegación en catamarán o en yate, según la opción elegida, por el histórico y desafiante Canal Beagle, cuna de innumerables naufragios históricos en estas gélidas aguas al sur del Estrecho de Magallanes.

King Crab Fishing Experience

Unique experience combining nature, adventure and local cuisine. Fish, collect and taste your own crab on the banks of the Beagle Channel in the picturesque fishing village of Puerto Almanza. The road to there is an attraction in itself crossing glacier valleys with snowy peaks, rivers, lagoons, beavers and peat bogs.

Emerald Lagoon Trekking

This walk is one of the most accessible that can be done in the southernmost city in the world. Unique and comforting where the main objective is to reach the Esmeralda Lagoon, which does not by chance bear that name. Its color is striking: emerald green, product of being a lagoon of glacial origin.

Témpanos lagoon and Vinciguerra glacier Trekking

We will take you to live the most demanding adventure of the end of the world where you will reach a glacier and its caves accompanied by a professional guide. We will also see millenary peat landscapes before reaching the Tempanos Lagoon and Vinciguerra Glacier.

Susana Peak Trekking

This walk of medium complexity allows access to exceptional panoramic views of the Fuegian landscape. Once the summit is reached we can see the vastness of the Canal
Beagle, Tierra del Fuego National Park, Cerro Guanaco, Navarino Island, Hoste Island, Ushuaia Bay, Darwin Range, among others.

Escondido and Fagnano Lakes

Contemplative excursion, the objective is to enjoy the tranquility that transmits the fueguino landscape and its southern mountain range. We will see valleys, winter centers and turbalesantes to reach the Garibaldi Pass where the view of the lagosEscondido and Fagnano is magnificent. A delicious typical dish will be the gastronomic star: the lamb fueguino.

Penguin Rookery Navigation

Martillo Island is home to Magellanic and Papuan penguins. We will sail through the Beagle channel observing the Isla de los Lobos, the Isla de los pájaros and the Faro Les Eclaiureus having excellent views of the Canal and the mountains. Arriving at Isla Martillo they turn off engines on the shore of the beach to see from the catamaran penguins in their habitat.

City Tour

This tour full of history and culture is ideal for those visitors who are eager to discover the most emblematic corners of this city of contrasts or simply looking for a moment of relaxation enjoying the beauty of this corner of the world in which mountains, sea, glaciers, lakes and forests combine in an imposing landscape.

Secret Flavors

Exclusive gastronomic proposal where we will share an intimate dinner in warm Fuegian home surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes, where the chef and host is available to diners (small groups), cooking in sight with seasonal products of the island. The cuisine of Ushuaia is recognized as one of the most exquisite in the country. Fuegian flavors speak of its history and variety of products.

Helicopter flights

We invite you to live up to your dreams. Flying over the Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego by helicopter is a unique and different experience. Different options allow us to appreciate the beauties of the landscapes, from 7 minute flyovers to full day combined with other experiences.

Horse Ride

We offer this excursion for those who wish to be in contact with nature from a historical-cultural vision, exploring the forest and Fuegian coast guided by our expert riders-guides who will accompany you in this magnificent experience.

Lakes 4×4 Off Road

We will live a complete and fun adventure accessible to all ages willing to enjoy the most in 4×4 in the Fuegian valleys.

National Park with Trekking and Canoes

We invite you to walk on foot and in inflatable canoes along rivers, sea, mountains and forests within the Tierra del Fuego National Park. With specialized guides you can know in detail this unique paradise in Argentina and be part of a landscape worthy of a postcard.

Flights in Light aircraft

Flying in a small plane over Ushuaia and the Land of Fire will be a lifelong memory. The images taken from the sky allow us to appreciate the vastness of the Fuegian landscapes. Fly over the City of Ushuaia, fly between the towering peaks of the Andes Mountains, the Beagle Channel, and other amazing landscapes aboard our Piper aircraft. Get to know the cockpit of these aircraft and listen to the pilot’s communications with the control tower.

Puerto Almanza, Remote Kitchen

This excursion of incredible landscapes will aim to visit the southernmost fishing village in the world and an unforgettable gastronomic experience on the “Route of the Centolla”.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, located in the southernmost province of Argentina. The park has peaks that alternate with valleys where there are rivers and lakes originated in glaciers.

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